Homemade Stain – Colored

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Homemade Stain – Colored

Have you needed some funky color , but you can't find anything remotely close at the hardware store?

Tired of browsing the countless , only to find a million shades of neutral colors like brown and grey?

​This quick and easy 7 step method will invoke the creative "you" that has been aching to break through.

Are you ready to create this...


Homemade Stain – Colored

There are a minimal amount of materials needed for this project.

Quick tip: The quality of paint does not really matter. You will be watering it down considerably, so don't waste your money on . ​

For this project you want a . 1 part paint to 2 parts water.

The measurements will depend on the size of the surface you're covering.

Now for the "1" ratio, adding the paint. Just remember, this isn't an exact science.

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