Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

Gallery Of Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

As you develop in your woodworking skills, there are no shortage of tools that will catch your eye. Whether because they make your life much more convenient, they make the project a lot faster to finish, or they help achieve a higher degree of accuracy, the best tools for woodworking help you create the finest wood projects around. But which ones do you really need? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 must have woodworking tools.

Top 10 Must Have Woodworking Tools

In essence, we go from the most basic to the most advanced in our list, although it probably isn’t best to look at it that way. Chances are you have a few of these tools already. Read on to find out why we think each one needs a place in your shop.

Past the very basics , the drill is the very first tool most people pick up. And with good reason - this one tool can cover countless needs and help you out on a wide range of projects around the house. In addition, the drill is .

Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

A cordless version of a drill is basically a necessity as well. While purists will tell you that you can get more power out of a corded version , a cordless drill provides the ultimate in convenience, while sacrificing very little in power and usability.

For the best around, take a look at the , with a beefy 20 volt battery. Or, for a really good, economical option, look into the - also a 20 volt option.

​If, instead, you're looking to save a few bucks, you can always grab the . You'll probably end up with a little more power for a few dollars less.

A jigsaw is the everyman’s saw. Easy to use and cheap to buy, this saw is a great first step into the word of power saws.

This reciprocating saw can cut a whole host of materials, thanks to its quick-change blade system. As long as you have the right blade, you can cut soft and hard wood, plastic, metal, plastic, and even plexiglass. Blades are cheap, and the saw is easy and safe to use.

Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

Jigsaws are relatively small, compact, and handheld, which . You don’t need any fancy guides or fences to start cutting - just line up the saw blade and cut away. They are also , and can cut bevels. All of these reasons make jigsaw the first power saw most woodworkers turn to.

For the best, . Or, go cordless and

Advanced Tip: that corresponds to the material you are cutting. Using the wrong blade is the biggest reason why your cut might not accurate. This cut accuracy is the reason.

There are a whole host of clamps available, and all serve a variety of purposes. But if we’re being honest, the only clamp you must have in your workshop are quick grip clamps. These lightweight clamps are simple and fast to use, which can’t be said about other types like metal screw clamps.

You’ll need a quick grip clamp anytime you have to hold something in place, which is more often than you think. Any situation with wood glue is a must, but there are a variety of woodworking situations where they will really come in handy.

Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

and you’ll be off to the races.

If you’ve ever by hand, you know how much of a pain it is. Sanding isn’t much of an art, but it sure is a pain in the butt. In addition, when you sand by hand, there are a lot of ways to mess things up.

A random orbital sander changes all of that. Automatic and powerful, the sanding practically takes care of itself . And, the random part of the name varies the pattern of the sander ever so slightly, so you don’t have imperfections.

A great mid-range cordless option is the - remember that you only need one or two batteries if you stick with the same brand for all of your cordless options! We learned that lesson the hard way...

Technically speaking, if you have a jigsaw with the proper blades and a guide, you don’t really need a circular saw.

Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

But, a is just so darn convenient, and a lot more accurate than a jigsaw for many cuts, like the rip cut.

Circular saws are best for long, fast rip cuts, like when you’re cutting down plywood for a project. Frankly speaking, though, they can make virtually any cut. The only drawback is that you might need to ​ to prevent inhaling saw dust.

Highly portable, even the cordless options have a good amount of power. You can pick up a speed square to make accurate 90 degree cuts and miter cuts.

For the price, it’s hard to pass up the - with 15 amps of power, this saw is amazing, especially when you consider its economical price.

Advanced Tip: Learn more about how a and , and which of the three saws you need the most.

Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

In woodworking, you’re constantly joining two pieces of wood together. And, while nails and screws might be , that method just won’t cut it if you want the wood piece to last. Enter the kreg jig and corresponding pocket screws.

With the kreg jig, you can easily drill a pocket hole into one piece of wood and insert pre-aligned screws. The jig allows for the angle to be perfect, and means that you can quickly join two pieces of wood together with a method that will hold strong.

The best part is that this method is ultra cheap to use in the long run. And, once you use a keg jig, you’ll never turn back. If you’re still on the fence, perhaps ...

For the layman, this could just read as a nail gun. Similar to what having a cordless drill does to simplify screwing, a nail gun drastically eases to burden of nailing. Brad nails in particular . In other words, nail away and no one will be able to tell.

when you need to fasten one piece of wood to another, prior to gluing or applying a more permanent solution. Whether in moldings, trim, or cabinetry, you’d be surprised how versatile and heavily used your brad nail gun will become once you get one.

Best Tools for Woodworking: Our List of Must Haves

You also don’t need to break the bank to pick one up, with the coming in right around $100 and being full of features.

It's actually hard to say that a table saw is a must have woodworking tool, but once you have one, you might change your tune. Incredibly powerful , the . Once you line up your fence, you can rip through dozens of cuts in a matter of minutes. There are , so consider this saw versatile.

For any , a table saw becomes more of a must. An additional benefit of this style of saw is that it is a highly accurate way of making cuts. Unlike the jigsaw or circular saw, the table saw can be used to achieve accuracy down to the 1/16” of an inch.

While you can certainly drop a load of cash for the, you’d be .

Ok, we have a love/hate relationship with the miter saw. Well, not literally with the saw itself, but with whether or not to include it on this list. The miter saw does angled cuts, such as the type you need for crown molding and baseboard, really really well. Any beveled cut is made instantly easy with a good miter saw.

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