The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

Gallery Of The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

Scroll saws are an integral part of any tool collection, allowing you to make clean cuts and carve intricate details with extreme accuracy.

The most important feature of a scroll saw it its ability to let you make very tight and accurate curved cuts.

If you don't mind the analogy, whereas a jigsaw is more like a hatchet, a scroll saw is like a scalpel.

You need a scroll saw to make precise, accurate cuts across a variety of surfaces.

We'll start by sharing some things to keep in mind if you’re planning on buying a new model or upgrading your old one.

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

We also provide our selections for the best scroll saw available.

The Best Scroll Saw in 2018: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

​The right scrolling saw for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Below, we provide our comprehensive ​scroll saw reviews. Since a lot of the features depend on whether you're a beginner or more advanced user, we've broken our reviews out accordingly.

You'll find our pick for a top rated cheap scroll saw, along with the best overall option. Our star rating is 1-5, and is based on the following factors: saw power, precision, versatility, and features.

Best Scroll Saw Overall: Dewalt DW788 1.3 Amp 20” Variable Speed

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

The is one of the best-rated scroll saws available on the market. It’s a bit pricier than other options, but it also offers speed, silence, and accuracy.

The design of the Dewalt DW788 arm is the main reason for its impressive cutting capabilities. A double parallel-link arm design helps to reduce vibration and noise as you work, allowing you to create more accurate cuts.The machine’s arm is also able to move for easier operation. The arm lifts so that blades can be easily threaded through materials, allowing you to make interior cuts. It also pivots from the back of the saw to the front, minimizing movement for smoother operation.

This is a large reason that the Dewalt is the highest rated scrolling saw model on our list. No cut is too tough for this saw. Professionals consistently choose this Dewalt for its extremely precise cutting capabilities.

- ​Cast-iron table​​​​​

The front of the saw's liftable arm is home to its dust blower, power switch, speed adjustment panel, and blade-tensioning lever. This allows you to make necessary adjustments without having to move the machine. A tool-free blade clamp lets you change out blades quickly and easily. It takes just seconds to switch your tool in between cuts, helping you to work more efficiently. The mechanism is also stronger than in models such as the Shop Fox W1713.

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

Unlike ​other models such as the General International Power Products or the Shop Fox W1713, the Dewalt DW788 has an oversized 20” cast iron table that’s big enough to support larger-scale projects.

This large table serves multiple purposes. First, it gives you a larger cutting space to work through your cuts. Perhaps more importantly, though, is that its mass helps to reduce vibrations, making your cuts more accurate.​

This saw’s table is also adjustable, beveling 45 degrees to both the left and right to make angled cuts easy from any direction. While this isn't an essential feature, it adds a lot of convenience. You're less likely to have to go grab your Mitre Saw as you do your work.

Unfortunately, this table’s larger size also means that it takes up a significant portion of most standard garages. It’s also heavy as well, weighing over fifty pounds. The Dewalt DW788 Saw might not be the best choice for someone with limited floor space.

No doubt - in our testing, the Dewalt DW788 is by far the best scroll saw. You'll pay a pretty penny for it, but you'll get an amazing and versatile brand and model.

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

Best Scroll Saw for the Money: Shop Fox W1713 16” Variable Speed

Like the WEN 3920, the is another one of the top saws for scroll work that you can find on the market today. It includes variable speed control to let you cut seamlessly through different materials and accepts both pinned and pinless blades.

- ​Compatible with both pinless and unpinned blades

- ​Cast-iron table​​​​​

- ​Two-way dust control system

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

- ​Flexible work light included

The machine’s pinless connector can be difficult to work with, unfortunately. The mechanism can be finicky, making it difficult to change out blades. It’s also not designed to hold up as well as the rest of the saw and is prone to breaking.Fortunately, the rest of the machine is much sturdier. The arm is thick enough to withstand relatively heavy use, and the table is made of strong cast iron. Many connections that are weaker on other models are also made of heavy metal material. This is a great metal cutting saw option.

If you want to hold your material in place as you work, an adjustable holding shoe allows you to secure it in place without causing any surface damage.

The Shop Fox W1713 takes great care to keep your workspace clean as you cut using a two-way dust control system. A nozzle built into the machine blows sawdust away from the line or your cut, while a dust port connects to a shop vacuum to keep debris contained.

The Shop Fox's table is also adjustable, with a 45-degree tilt that allows you to get more precise cuts, especially when working on fine detail. You can safely position your workspace using a lock knob. Our favorite feature of the Shop Fox is how incredibly accurate this saw is. This brand has found a way to keep the saw from vibrating very much, making your cutting quite a bit easier . And isn't that the whole point of the saw in the first place?

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

The Shop Fox W1713 Saw takes great care to keep your workspace clean as you cut using a two-way dust control system.

​At this point, you might be asking what is the big difference between the Wen and the Shop Fox. And its true - ​they both have very similar feature sets. ​You'll find the same motor power, same throat size, same cut depth and virtually the same weight. ​​​And, the Shop Fox is typically 50% more expensive than the Wen...

Where the Shop Fox W1713 is significantly better than the Wen 3920 is in cutting accuracy. Shop Fox does a much better job reducing vibrations while the saw is on, thus making it a lot more accurate through its cuts. In the end, both models have adequate features, but the Shop Fox excels in scroll accuracy.

A nozzle built into the machine blows sawdust away from the line or your cut, while a dust port connects to a shop vacuum to keep debris contained.A gooseneck work light is included with this model so that you aren’t limited to where you can use it. You can comfortably see what you’re doing at night, in the garage, or in other .

If you can upgrade your budget, either the Shop Fox W1713 or the Dewalt DW788 make great options. However, the Dewalt is double the price of the Shop Fox, and so if you're being mindful of your budget, we'd go with the Shop Fox.

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

As we outlined above, the Shop Fox brings with it an adequate set of features, similar to some of the other budget options we reviewed. However, for a modest increase in price, you get an incredibly high level of cutting accuracy. If you think you'll be doing a decent amount of scroll work, spend the extra money for this model, as it will pay you back in dividends.

Best Scroll Saw for Beginners: WEN 3920 16” Two-Direction Variable Speed

**Spoiler alert: we love this saw as a fantastic budget-consious option** As one of the best budget scroll saws, the offers quality and durability for a very reasonable rate. Beginners tend to appreciate its user-friendly design, while advanced carpenters like the versatility of the frame.

This saw boasts a unique blade holder designed to hold both pinned and unpinned blades. You can also easily change the direction of your cut by turning pinned blades 90 degrees using a tool-free system. A removable pinless blade holder keeps blades safely in place during operation, but the locking mechanism is not the sturdiest. The blade tends to vibrate in place, and the removable unit wears out quickly.

- ​Holds both pinned and unpinned blades

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

- ​Variable speeds​​​​​​

The WEN 3920 can be set to a range of speeds, from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute. It’s easy to change the speed for different cuts using a convenient knob located on the front of the machine.The bulk of WEN’s 16” saw is fairly heavy-duty, including a stable base and a cast-iron table bevels up to 45 degrees to the left. These features make it easy to create clean, precise cuts every time.

While the WEN 3920 cuts thin materials well, it isn’t able to handle anything more than 2” thick. It’s best to stick to projects that involve softer woods, plastics, and laminates.

In addition to a strong base, a foot-lock clamp helps to prevent any unwanted shaking or sliding, which is really helpful.

You can ensure that your materials stay in place so that every angle you cut comes out completely accurate.

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

The WEN 3920 Saw comes with a number of additional built-in features that aren’t offered by more bare-bones models such as the Dremel Ms20. This saw includes a built-in flexible LED light to help you work in low light conditions as well as convenient onboard blade storage.

We love this option as the best of cheaper scrolling saws. It's got everything you want for basic scroll work, including a sturdy, cast-iron base and a good range of variable speeds.

General International Power Products 16"

If you’re looking for ​a top rated inexpensive scrolling saw, the ​ is ​a standout, as it offers many of the same features as more high-end models without the price tag.

You can set any speed between 400 to 1600 strokes per minute depending on your material of choice by using a dial located towards the front of the machine. That 400 SPM number is the lowest you'll find in our cheaper options, meaning that this is a great option for thicker woods where you need to go slowly. The dial is easy to access and doesn’t require you to reach around dangerous or moving parts.

The Best Scroll Saw in 2019: [Comprehensive Review]

The General International 16” saw is compatible with both pinned and pinless blades, allowing you to work with a variety of materials. It can only cut sections u​p to 1.9" deep, however, so it’s best saved for smaller jobs.

A dust collection port helps to keep the area around your workstation free of debris as you work. This not only saves you time cleaning up later on, but also helps to in the lungs. The port fits a standard 1¼ inch hose.

If you have a dark workspace, it can be dangerous to operate power tools ​like this. The General International 16" model comes with a built-in flex-neck LED work light to allow you to work in dim lighting conditions safely.

​The ​General Intl. Saw​ is heavier than other inexpensive ​similar saws such as the Dremel Ms20, but it’s also sturdier. A robust cast-iron frame holds up against wear and tear throughout the saw’s lifetime, making this one of the best cheap scroll saws for long-term use

This GI saw is a fantastic entry level, budget-focused option. We love its throat size and cut depth, and it has a very low variable speed setting, making it a great option if you'll be cutting thick, hardwood. This low speed setting also makes it great for working slow, and ​makes for a great starter scrolling saw.

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