Best Beginner Table Saw

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Best Beginner Table Saw

We live in a DIY era where almost everything can be taught online. In the field of woodworking and home improvement, a piece of the table saw is deemed important. Today, prices of table saws are constantly dropping plus more models are coming out. So instead of splurging money on hiring contractors, why not handle manageable, simple tasks yourself?

As mentioned earlier, there are many table saws on the market. But what will work best for beginners like us? We did our homework, and here are the top three table saws newbies like us should consider.


Dewalt DW745 10-inch Compact Jobsite Table Saw

There are many Dewalt models out there, but the suits newbies in a shoestring budget. It may not be packed with remarkable designs or durability, but it is worth the money you paid for. It can produce nice, clean cuts at a no-load speed of 3,850 rpm.

Best Beginner Table Saw

The machine weighs 45 pounds with a dimension of 26.5 by 25.75 by 13.87 inches. It comes with a 10-inch blade. This corded electric machine is powered by a 120-volt, 14,000-watt motor.

- Boasts of Site-Pro Modular and Guarding System

- Comes with a dust collection port

- Powered by a 1,850 Watt motor

- Cast table top design for accuracy and precision

Best Beginner Table Saw

- Overload protection system to ensure quality performance in hard, wet, or frozen woods

- Dust collection port can be connected to a Shop-Vac

- Packed with safety features like blade guard, push stick, steel roll cage, and miter gauge

- For a table saw, this is considered lightweight at 45 pounds

- Dust collection port is not big enough to prevent dust from flying off

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