Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Gallery Of Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

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Bedroom plants might just be the secret ingredient for you to get a better night’s sleep.

When it comes to creating a sleep-friendly bedroom, you might not immediately think about adding plants.

Perhaps you don’t feel like you have a green thumb.

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Or you’re not that into plants.

Maybe you travel so much or are away from home so often that you don’t think you can take care of anything, even a living plant.

I’m about to change your mind.

Why You Want Plants in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you might spend the most time of any room in your house. Sure, it feels like you LIVE in your living room or kitchen, but when it comes down to clocking the number of hours you spend in any one place, it is probably your bedroom.

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Which is why you really want to focus your resources on creating a healthy, happy, stress-free atmosphere in your bedroom.

Houseplants in a bedroom have been shown to:

- Filter out nasty toxins and pollutants )

- Connect you more to the natural world

If there was a pill that could do all of these things, would you take it? If so, then why not consider adding a plant or two to your bedroom?

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

The Space Age Science of Plants

A few decades ago, when the world was all jazzed up about sending humans to live in space, NASA scientists realized there was one VERY big problem.

Humans give off carbon dioxide. Building materials and components of a home little bits of potentially toxic materials into the air of the living quarters. All of these things add up over time. And since astronauts can’t just open the windows of the space station to get fresh air in and let the toxins out, they were going to need to fix this life-threatening problem.

Not going shopping yet? Want to remember these plants? Be sure to

One of the many wonderful things to be discovered thanks to the space program is the life-changing knowledge of how plants can help to purify our air inside our homes.

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Dr. B.C. Wolverton did ground-breaking research and found that many plants will remove toxic chemicals from the air, including formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. Plus, the plants will also give off oxygen, which creates purer air for you to breathe. He shared his research results in the book . It is a fabulous book that I reference often .

So it turns out that plants work just like those expensive air filters you might buy – and then have to change the filters all of the time.

You might not have heard of the term bioiphilia before. It’s a relatively new concept created in 1984. But it’s origins go back to the very beginning of mankind.

Biophilia is a concept that humans are inherently seeking connections with nature. Edward O. Wilson, the biologist that coined the term, defines biophilia as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.”

Which doesn’t mean that you have to live in the jungle or add 100 houseplants to your home. Far from it.

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Incorporating biophilia and in your home can be as simple as adding artwork of nature scenes, a few shells or pieces of driftwood that you love, or home décor with patterns of nature, including waves, leaves, or floral designs.

Obviously, adding houseplants to your home décor would be an amazing way to include biophilic design into your home, too!

As a , I always look for ways to incorporate biophilia and biophilic design into living and working spaces. For a building to be WELL Certified , it MUST have a biophilia plan that incorporates nature, nature patterns and nature interaction for those that live or work in the space.

There are bonus points for adding plants, plant beds or living walls to the interior and exterior design of the building, too. So adding natural elements to your living space is a big deal when it comes to creating a healthier space.

Enough science and research, already. Now’s the time to get excited about going shopping for some plants.

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

The plants below are some of the very best plants to add to your bedroom. But there are others. Read or for even more ideas.

And be sure to check out the helpful houseplant tips below so that you have success with plants in your bedroom for better sleep.

Did you know you can buy plants on Etsy and Amazon?!? How crazy is that? I’ve added links for each type of plant so you can go shopping online.

If you hate taking care of plants, are pretty sure you’re going to kill the houseplant, and want the biggest bang for your buck, then a Snake Plant is the best choice for you.

Also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue , Snake Plant has become one of my absolute favorites because they are so hard to kill. Their ability to survive total neglect has won me over.

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Snake Plants are among the very BEST at purifying the air, too. Research has shown that they are among the 10 best plants to purifiy the air, removing pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and trichlorothylene.

Plus, snake plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Most plants do the oxygen conversion during the day. So adding plants that produce more oxygen at night is a good thing for you in your bedroom if it leads to better sleep.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue does best with low light conditions and not in direct sunlight. Don’t overwater! And dust the leaves every now and then so the plant can perform its best.

This one is my absolute favorite. I love the color of the Golden Pothos. It’s bright and cheery and adds color to any room.

I have had a Golden Pothos in my house for a decade. When I moved into a RV to travel and found out that we had toxin problems in the new RV and , I immediately added Golden Pothos plants to our trailer. In fact, I made sure the plant was by my bedside when I was sleeping.

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Pothos is excellent at filtering out formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and toluene. Plus, it gives off a lot of oxygen during the day.

This plant takes a lot of neglect. I usually forget to water it for weeks. And I’ve dragged Pothos plants across the country, usually bouncing around in the shower of the RV for hours on the road, and then in changing light conditions wherever we were staying.

And they still survived and look better than ever.

Underwatering Pothos would always be preferable rather than overwatering.

Pothos is a trailing plant that can get quite long. Trim the plant back if you need to.

Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Another super easy plant to grow is Philodendron. This trailing plant is among the best for beginner gardeners to try.

There are close to 500 species of Philodendron, so you’ll have your choice of varieties to choose from! Different types of Philodendron range from trailing plants, plants that grow up poles, potted plants, and huge outdoor species with massive leaves.

I’ve grown several different varieties of Philodendron. I can attest to the fact that these plants can take a beating and will still survive. If you’re scared of growing houseplants, Philodendron might just change your mind.

Philodendrons clean the air from pollutants like a champ.

These plants tolerate a lot of different lighting conditions. Always strive to underwater rather than overwater, though. Other than that, they don’t require too much care.

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